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Hereford Cathedral
Hereford Cathedral’s medieval Mappa Mundi and Chained library are two of Britain’s most important historical treasures. The cathedral stands on the peaceful banks of the beautiful River Wye.

Hereford Museum & Art Gallery
Hereford Museum & Art Gallery is housed in a Victorian gothic building, the Museum has been exhibiting since 1874 with regularly changing exhibitions.

The Old House
The Old House is a remarkably well preserved example of a 17th Century timber-framed building and is situated in the heart of Hereford, surrounded by the commercial centre of the city. It is a startling sight, standing as the sole reminder of times-gone-by in the middle of a modern shopping precinct

Berrington Hall
National Trust Properties in Herefordshire include Berrington Hall, Croft Castle and Parkland, The Weir Garden and Brockhampton Estate.

Dore Abbey
Dore Abbey is near the village of Abbey Dore in the Golden Valley. A Parish Church created from an historic Cistercian Monastery. There was a move to close the church but the ‘Friends of Dore Abbey’ was formed in 1993 to raise money to help preserve and restore it. The Abbey is still functioning as a living church building.